Thursday, June 28, 2012

Furry Soul-Mates: Spiritual Contacts with companion animals and how it's actually about Humanity

Shiri and "fuzzy soul-mate" 'Pfizer' (because she is a natural anti-depressant)
In truth, we don't own anything or anyone. We are not "pet owners," we simply rent time with those we love (be they in a human or animal form). Working and speaking with hundreds of animal lovers over the past decade I have come to humbly appreciate how precious is the love we share with our companion animals. Those who have not experienced - or have not allowed themselves to experience - this kind of an open heart kinship, simply do not really understand that this is a relationship like all others in our lives.

Yet sometimes we come across a particular companion animal that penetrates so deep into our heart, we can't even explain the depth of the connection... It feels familiar as if we've known each other our whole life time! The bond feels so special and comforting, that even the animal him/her self walks around our home with such certainty, knowing exactly where things are at, or follow us everywhere from the first instant. It is love at first sight :)

Do we choose each other on some level? Have we shared a past life together? Did we arrange this reunion of our souls for spiritual evolution reasons? I believe so! I am convinced that our companion animals choose us just as we choose them. Likely it is so that we enjoy each other's physical journey on earth but also so that we learn certain virtues, heal, and grow spiritually through our relationship. I call them "Furry Soul-Mates" because they are mates to our soul on this journey called Life.

They come to us to teach us joy, play, laughter, unconditional love and acceptance, a love for nature, and a return to our own natural compassionate Self. They come to us for a short while (well, not as long as we wish them to stay) in order to teach us how to find these qualities within our own self and within our relationship with one another and with God / Source / Spirit.
In essence they come to us as Divine Messengers to help us learn particular soul-lessons that we need to learn, including how to receive and give a Love so deep, so that our purpose in life becomes simply to share its sweet nectar with those around us and in the world!  

We all have certain Soul Contracts with people and animals that come into our lives (for however long), especially if they have made some sort of an impression or left us changed. Each contract is unique and individual to our particular bond. How we meet each other is also a part of the contract, and I have many stories from clients, students, friends, and my own life that would attest to the “auspicious” circumstances surrounding the meeting place or time between themselves and their animals.
How "Bauer"chose her new home:
When my former partner and I wished to adopt a second kitten as companion to Pfizer, our then one year old long hair gray cat whom we termed “our natural anti-depressant” (hence her name), we printed off directions to an animal shelter in Toronto, Ontario, got in the car and began driving.

We were chatting the whole way to the shelter so when we suddenly arrived at the parking lot of “Toronto Animal Services” I was a bit surprised as the drive was shorter than I had anticipated, but then again I attributed it to being mindless of the drive time due to the excitement and focusing on our talk. Within an hour or so we left that shelter with an adorable 8 week blond/brown kitten who literally picked us as soon as she saw us.

I remember holding her in my arms and when the shelter worker instructed me to put her back in the cage so we can do all the necessary paper work, she gave me this deeply alarmed look of desperation as if to say “please don't leave me here!” Her green eyes were big and wide. My heart flooded with immense love for this helpless beautiful creature as I whispered to her that I will be right back and she need not worry, she is coming home with us!

We named her Bauer, after the hockey equipment company (we used to play ice hockey). When we arrived home and let the two fur balls get acquainted (with some interest but also a lot of hissing), I emptied my bag and was just about to toss away the paper with the directions to the shelter. Something caught my eye and I glanced at it again. My jaw nearly fell to the floor as I realized that the directions pointed to a completely different shelter that was further away! I did not even know that the shelter we ended up at even existed! It was quite clear that Bauer called us to pick her up and that something on a higher level coordinated this reunion. Bauer and Pfizer are now seven and eight years old and (most times) are best friends also with the two rabbits that share the home.

Just as our Bauer's soul called out for us to come pick her up, there is a Divine order in place and many pre-determined aspects that are beyond our understanding, control, or will, and govern each particular contract.

Our contract with each of our beloved companions can be as long as twenty years or more, or a short few hours one. We don't know why it is so, but the journey can be filled with joy or with pain over loss (depending on our acceptance of it), and when the time comes to return them Home to the heavens, the process can be devastating and filled with guilt, dread, and deep sorrow for some OR it can be filled with gratitude over the gifts we received and love shared. No matter what the length of time is of each contract or how the end of life comes about, there seems to never be enough time that we share with those we love. It always seems “too fast,” “too short.”

How do we know what our soul-contract is?

Think of some specific points in your relationship with your companion animal (whether they are in body or in spirit) and include the following points of insight:

1. What does your intuition tells you about the particular soul contract between you and your animal?

2. (A clue to answer #1 is:) What does he or she teach you or have taught you about life, forgiveness, love, relationships with people, coming closer to God / Source, and even about coping with death? (many say things like "He taught me how to love unconditionally," or "I laughed more," or "She forced me to get out, talk to other people, and play every day!" Some even say: "He taught me that our bond does not end after death, and now we have a new relationship - beyond the body!")

3. From this point on, based on the gifts and lessons you shared with your animal, what can you then carry
forth into the world in her/his honor?!


Back to Humanity
We are left with a job to do, a responsibility: to share that which we have received as gifts from our loved ones. Giving is the surest way to recognize that we have that which we are being asked to share. How else can we give something unless we have it? “You are healed when you give healing,” teaches A Course in Miracles. Sharing of the gifts that we were given by our companion animals is the task we are left with in their honor, and often the most profound way to heal our grief in channeling its energy onto kindness and service.

When we embody the teachings from our animals as a way of life, and then (when the time is right, and after giving ourselves the time to grieve and process the physical void) we can begin implementing and sharing these lessons with the world on behalf of those we love.

Their wish for us is to keep their legacy going, by living joyously, just as they did. So if they taught you how to laugh, you must then continue finding opportunities to laugh; if unconditional love they brought into your life, you must then become the vessel of unconditional love onto others (humans and animals alike), and so forth. Only then your soul contract can continue on and on indefinitely and grow beyond the physicality of your bond and make a difference in the world through your living in it! For Love never dies!

yours in Service, Oneness, Unity, and Love (S.O.U.L.)
Shiri R. Joshua


  1. So beautifully written Shiri. My love for animals is now even moreso since I have read your article which is filled with so much compassion for animals who are really just an extension of the God source, just like we are. It must be wonderful to reconnect with a soul you knew in a past life. I believe you and your precious friend were destined to meet because you were guided to that shelter. What a blessing! With love, Debbie

  2. Absolutely love the story about Bauer. Animals have saved my life in so many ways. They have always been a part of my life. I am 68 "my" now 23 yr old Arabian gelding and I are still going strong. Also is my care is a 10 yr old amber chow who was dumped in this neighborhood when she was just 6 months old. She is a true gem. And Rocky Balboa, a 6 yr old black Pomeranian who was looking for me at Foothills Animal Shelter in Scottsdale, AZ where I was a volunteer. They call to us from the beyond and we and they are blessed!

  3. Such a beautifully written article, and one that reflects the true nature of the animal soul. With the loss of my precious Gretchen (a ‘tweenie’ black & tan dachshund), I am on that path of ‘giving back’. Animals truly are a blessing in life.

  4. I can't thank you enough. I felt like I was reading something that my furry-soul mate would have told me. He died few months ago and I haven't been able to feel "whole" again.
    It's a real touching article, a word of wisdom to treasure through this hard time. Thanks a lot.

  5. I love your story about Bauer. I had a relationship with a cat named "Mouse" that truly changed my life. I lost her over sixteen years ago. I left her temporarily with my mother and she was lost. It still breaks my heart. She was my soul mate and I can't help but think of how betrayed and abandoned she must have felt. I still miss her terribly.

  6. I had a furry soul mate named eros. I was cat sitting his mother for a neighbor when he was born. Two days later the mother brought him to me as if to say he was meant for me. Sadly we only had four years together because someone stole him. I miss him everyday. I love you eros.

  7. I have THREE wonderful Soul Mates that are all cats. One is in Spirit form but he is always hanging out here (when he touches me, it tingles beautifully). The other two are my continuous loves and companions. For each of my Soul Mate kitties I FELL IN LOVE the first time I saw them. I am also convinced that when it is MY time to go to the Afterlife in Spirit Form that the FOUR of us will be ETERNAL family. I am so blessed to have the love of these beautiful and perfect beings.